States Trying To Find Solutions To Fund Road Maintenance

As America economically struggles under President Joe Biden, states are finding solutions to keep making money for road maintenance.

According to Fox Business, officials have spent historic gas taxes on roadways, but “the problem that has developed is those taxes are generating less each year due to inflation, fuel efficiency, and the rise of electric cars.”

Now, state officials hope to replace the gas taxes, and charging drivers by the mile instead of the gallon in the future is among multiple proposals.

Other proposals include taxing electricity through charging stations and adding charges to door-to-door deliveries.

“The federal government is about to pilot its own program, funded by $125 million from President Biden’s infrastructure measure that he signed in November 2021,” the Fox report said.

“So far, only three states — Oregon, Utah, and Virginia — are generating revenue from road usage charges,” the outlet continued, noting Hawaii will likely join the states listed.

As state officials scramble to find solutions to maintain national roads, Americans struggle in the Biden economy.

Breitbart News reported that U.S. voters remain concerned over the issue of inflation.

“Eighty-seven percent of likely U.S. voters say they are concerned about inflation, including 63 percent who say they are very concerned, a Rasmussen poll showed Friday. Only 11 percent say they are not concerned about inflation,” the outlet said.

Regarding the “rise of electric cars,” increasing electricity costs have reached a point where it’s more expensive to drive an electric car 100 miles than it does to drive a gas vehicle the same distance.

Despite this, Biden has promoted electric vehicles while his administration pushes for “green energy.” In January 2023, Biden said, “On my watch, the great American road trip is going to be fully electrified.”