State Of California Is Strengthening Its COVID Legislation

The California Assembly works hard to make the state the most COVID-restricted nation. Although Governor Newsom has stated that he intends to treat the virus as endemic, this remains the case. There are eight bills in total and each one is a misguided shambles.

The legislation would mandate that all children aged 0 to 17 receive the COVID-19 vaccine before attending child care or school and that all employees, including independent contractors, provide proof of vaccination. They would also make adjustments to the California Immunization Record Database and mandate that people’s immunization status be made public. They would also designate doctors’ and surgeons’ sharing of “misinformation” as unprofessional behavior that would result in disciplinary action.

Moreover, trying to halt this out-of-control situation is nearly useless, but people must try. It is advised to all California residents to start writing and contacting their representatives in each house right away, telling them exactly where to file each of this legislation. But betting the veiled, oblivious masses couldn’t care less, at least not until it directly impacts them.

People are curious what will happen when, after all these laws have been enacted, parents realize that the biological poison they’re feeding their children is deadly. The pharmaceutical corporations have attempted to conceal the findings of their studies so that if they want accurate information on vaccination mortality, they must seek out other nations.

Furthermore, guessing that by the time large numbers of children start developing predictably auto-immune disorders, having heart problems, dying on the field of play or experiencing a slew of other disastrous side effects from this unnecessary and ineffective “vaccine,” these bills will effectively silence any outcry. Meanwhile, COVID is finally returning to a more stable and reasonable state across the rest of the country.

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