SPLC Faces Backlash After Laying Off Dozens Of Employees

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently announced layoffs affecting over 60 employees as it undergoes a major restructuring. While the organization did not confirm the exact number of staff cuts, the SPLC Union reported that more than a quarter of the workforce has been let go.

In a statement released on Thursday, the SPLC Union criticized the layoffs, highlighting the organization’s substantial financial reserves. “Today, the Southern Poverty Law Center — an organization with nearly a billion dollars in reserves, given an F rating by CharityWatch for ‘hoarding’ donations — gutted its staff by a quarter,” the statement read, according to The Associated Press. The union warned that these cuts would severely impact the SPLC’s ability to support immigrants and fight white supremacy.

The SPLC responded by acknowledging the difficulty of the decision but stressed its necessity. The organization is restructuring to better align its resources with its mission, despite the painful nature of the staff reductions.

The SPLC has long been a prominent advocate for civil rights and has played a critical role in tracking and combating hate groups. However, the recent layoffs have sparked concerns about the organization’s capacity to continue its work effectively. As the SPLC moves forward, it will need to address these challenges and reassure its supporters of its commitment to its core values and goals.