South Carolina Black Democrats Are Giving Joe Biden “Mixed Reviews”

As he proceeded to the South Carolina primaries, Joe Biden’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination was all but over. In New Hampshire, he came in fifth, and in Iowa, he came in fourth. Nonetheless, Biden counseled critics to wait until a state with a big population of Black people had an opportunity to vote.

As he approaches his second year in office, Joe Biden hopes to preserve the support of his party’s African-American base. “Your loyalty, devotion, and support for our party has been taken for granted far too often,” Biden tells African Americans. In a recent study conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, just 6 in 10 Black Americans approved of Biden.

Baffled, irritated at times. George Hart, 73, a professor and faculty adviser to the NAACP student branch, said, “He’s trying to see if there’s anything redeemable.” In interviews with Black voters in South Carolina this week, Hart’s viewpoint was not shared by everyone. Still, it is a worrying indicator for a president whose approval ratings are approaching historic lows. Some Black South Carolina voters who backed Biden’s candidacy for a long time are optimistic about his Administration, while others who backed him grudgingly or not at all are unhappy.

Dennis Brothers, 31, of Calhoun County, says he supports President Joe Biden but wants him to be more open about his Administration’s aims. He says, “he just hopes that some of the promises that were made are honored.” He believes that issues important to Black voters, such as policing reform, should be on the White House agenda.

“He’s not saying he’s not trying,” voter John Brothers says of President Joe Biden, “but he just wishes he would try a little bit more.” The standstill of voting rights, according to Margaret Sumpter, is due to congressional deadlock, not Biden’s delay. She wonders whether people believe Republicans would treat him differently because he’s a white man.

“His campaign sold them on the assumption that he would support some Black concerns, and that hasn’t happened,” says Travis Lincoln. Ra Shád Frazier-Gaines: Joe Biden is President because of black people, and he doesn’t believe he’s ever expressed gratitude to them via policy. Rep. Jim Clyburn has singled out two Democrats for sabotaging voting rights legislation.

According to civil rights activist James Felder, the inability to enact voting rights legislation is due to “almost obstructionists” Manchin and Sinema, not President Joe Biden. Bre Maxwell, a member of the Democratic National Committee, disputed claims that Biden had failed to connect with Black voters. Maxwell said of Biden, “he believes he’s sincere, and he thinks he wants to keep people pleased.” According to John Sumpter, Joe Biden is doing as expected and has made some significant progress in his first year.