Soros Family Enjoys Extensive White House Access

Recently reported records reveal that Alexander Soros, the son of globalist billionaire George Soros, has had significant access to the White House and top administration officials since President Joe Biden took office. This development raises concerns about the degree of influence the Soros family wields over the Democratic Party and the Biden administration.

Alexander Soros has visited the White House over a dozen times since January 2021. His access has included 14 meetings in just over a year with top White House officials such as Ron Klain’s advisors, Nina Srivastava and Madeline Strasser, and Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer. The frequency and scope of these meetings suggest that Soros’s influence is not limited to financial contributions but extends to direct access to key decision-makers in the administration.

The Soros family’s relationship with the Democratic Party has long been contentious among conservatives. As a major Democratic donor, George Soros has financially supported Democratic candidates and liberal causes. Critics argue that the family’s influence has driven the party further left, with some suggesting that their control extends to the White House itself. The meetings between Alexander Soros and administration officials reinforce the perception’s reality.

Given the close relationship between the Soros family and the Democratic Party, it’s reasonable to ask whether their preferences influence the Biden administration’s policy decisions. The family’s financial ties and direct access to key officials could raise questions about whether their interests are prioritized over those of the American people. This has been a concern shared by conservative commentators and politicians alike.

Mike Howell, director of the Oversight Project at the Conservative Heritage Foundation, condemns the Soros agenda as destructive and harmful to Western Civilization. The Soros family’s influence is said to extend throughout the White House, with Alexander serving as the new ambassador for his father’s political network, according to Matt Palumbo, author of “The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros.”

Following the 2020 election, Biden’s transition team was filled with liberals connected to Soros’ network, and the Biden cabinet was populated with Soros loyalists. Alexander Soros has openly donated over $11 million to left-leaning political action committees since 2010. Critics argue that the Soros family’s cozy relationship with the White House and congressional leaders represents a worrisome exploitation of power as they push their policy preferences on crime, immigration, election policy, and other contentious issues.

The revelations about Alexander Soros’s White House visits may undermine public trust in the Biden administration. Critics argue that the Democratic Party’s dependence on the Soros family’s financial support compromises its ability to serve the American people. These claims could gain traction as more information comes to light about the nature and frequency of these meetings.