Someone Tell ‘TheBlaze’ Kamala Harris’ Climate Hypocrisy Is All Too Real

Here’s how you know that Kamala Harris badly wants to be president more than anything. And that she’s willing to do anything, absolutely whatever it takes to climb the ladder of her political ambitions, no matter what it costs them, and no matter whom it costs what.

Whether that’s locking up so many non-violent people of color as California attorney general that a judicial oversight panel nearly found her in contempt of a 2011 Supreme Court ruling instructing the Golden State to reduce its obscenely overfilled prison population or making her very best impression of a former president, George W. Bush.

That’s what Kamala Harris did on Monday when she tweeted, “Today I’m heading to Lake Mead in Nevada to discuss the climate crisis.” She added that “we must make historic investments to not only create jobs but preserve our planet for generations to come.”

But what’s appalling about it is that she didn’t even wait till the following tweet to post a video of her walking those high heel clad feet up the steps to a gas-guzzling, carbon-spewing private jet to make that trip out to Nevada to lecture people to use less carbon-emitting energy to improve their lives and be more productive, resourceful, comfortable, clean and safe with the gifts of modern industrial civilization.

Someone said to the vice president with an entirely fair question about the gas-guzzler, private airplane: “does an elite team of renewable hamsters power that?”

Yeah, that was certainly reminiscent of that moment in Dubya’s presidency made famous in a documentary by a stupid white man, when Bush concludes a seemingly earnest call for international cooperation against terrorist violence with a plea to the reporters to, “Now, watch this drive.”

He drove all the credibility and sincerity out of his message with that. And all Democrats followed the lead of Michael Moore and criticized Bush for that insincerity.

Well, do they have an objection to insincerity or are they all just a bunch of stinking primates in the throes of ongoing, filthy dominance hierarchy dispute?

And when they get to the top of that hierarchy, are they going to do any of the good things they promise or just murder people overseas and overtax and overregulate and over-police and over incarcerate people here at home?

Yeah, we know Harris would love to do that last one. Locking non-violent people up in jail is her second favorite thing after getting her name on the White House, the stupid narcissistic bully.

Covering Harris’ foolish tweet, Glenn Beck’s publication, TheBlaze, headlined one of the Twitterati’s responses on the ensuing ratio under Harris’ tweet, “The irony is unreal.”

But actually, it is all too real and not surprising, really not even news, just worth documenting online to add to Kamala Harris’ and the “environmentalists’” long record of similar hypocrisy. Al Gore has been pulling this crap since before Greta Thunberg was even born.