Social Media’s Negative Effect On Teenagers Seen In Texas

Social media’s effect on children worldwide has ultimately been a negative one, with many kids nowadays doing whatever possible just to garner a couple of likes on a post or a video.
Increased use of social media has been linked to mental illness in young adults, as reported by the New York Post.

In Texas, innocent bystanders were recently subjected to harm by a teenager who thought it was a good idea to punch unsuspecting victims in public for social media attention, according to the New York Post.

Alfred Lewis, 19, was seen on video footage walking on a trail at Wortham Park in Houston when he began punching two people who were happily enjoying their day at the park.

Lewis has since apologized and expressed his regret in the matter shortly after the Harris County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into his conduct.

“You know, I just made a mistake and everybody makes mistakes,” Lewis told KHOU 11.

Lewis admitted that his irrational actions were done just to obtain a couple of likes on his YouTube and TikTok accounts.

“I really didn’t expect for it to go so left, you know,” he said.

Lewis proceeded to say that online footage only shows the “bad part” of his actions and fails to show what happens after he punches the victims.

“What people don’t see is that I shook his hand after and gave the man a hug,” the 19-year-old claimed.

Lewis added that his parents were disappointed with his actions and encouraged individuals to think twice before resembling his actions in public.

“Before you go out and do anything you feel is bad, or that could look bad, make sure, like, people know – or just don’t do it at all,” Lewis advised.

It has yet to be seen whether the victims will press charges against Lewis over the teenager’s violent actions.

“It’s a nice quiet neighborhood, so I’m a little surprised someone’s that brazen to come up and hit somebody without warning or without reason,” a witness told KHOU 11.

Lewis’ actions follow a string of absurd actions done by teenagers and young adults just to gain recognition on social media.

In August 2023, a news anchor for Philadelphia TV, Bob Kelly, was sucker punched in an attack he blamed on a TikTok challenge, per the New York Post.

“It was a frightening, disturbing event that apparently was incited by this TikTok challenge — similar to what you saw happen to Cardi B, with the water and being videoed,” the news anchor said.