Smollett Lands Directing Job While Appealing Hate Hoax Conviction

Despite the public backlash and significant legal challenges in the aftermath of his hate crime hoax conviction, Jussie Smollett seems determined to rebuild his career in Hollywood. The disgraced former actor was recently spotted directing an upcoming film, “The Lost Holiday,” in Orange County, California.

The film purportedly features veteran actress Vivica A. Fox, a long-standing friend and former colleague of Smollett from his days on “Empire.” Fox supported Smollett through his tribulations and expressed her desire to work with him, stating, “I’ll definitely be doing something with him in the future. I believe in Jussie. Stand by, he’s good. He’s family, always going to be family.”

Smollett is appealing his conviction for the notorious hoax hate crime he fabricated in January 2019. He claimed to have been attacked by two supporters of President Donald Trump in Chicago’s upscale Streeterville neighborhood, alleging the use of racist and homophobic slurs, physical assault, a noose, and bleach. The truth emerged when the alleged perpetrators turned out to actually be Nigerian brothers, Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, who were extras on “Empire.” They claimed Smollett orchestrated the entire event.

The court case has been postponed five times already, but it appears that the court’s patience is waning. It is expected to proceed in December. Should his appeal fail, Smollett could face a five-month jail sentence, adding to the one week he served in March 2022 before his release pending the appeal.

Despite the severity of the charges and potential sentence, Smollett remains active in Hollywood. He previously worked on a movie for Black Entertainment Television. He is now getting behind the camera for “The Lost Holiday.” It’s unclear at this point whether he will be in front of the camera as well.

Nevertheless, Smollett’s ongoing story raises serious questions about personal responsibility, accountability, and the power dynamics in the entertainment industry.

In a climate where cancel culture is often swift and unrelenting, the opportunities presented to Smollett amid his legal battles demonstrate a level of resilience that may surprise some. It does beg the question of whether such leniency would be extended to everyone or if this is a demonstration of favoritism within the Hollywood sphere.