Senator Rick Scott Just ‘Got Hung Up On’ By The White House While Seeking Political Asylum

Republican Senator Rick Scott (FL) criticized the Biden White House for dishonorable weakness. On Wednesday, Scott claimed that representatives from the Biden-Harris maladministration hung upon him. He called to ask President Biden about Cubans resisting the clampdown on freedoms in the island nation. Dissidents are being kept locked up on the island.

On Wednesday, Scott’s staff spoke to Fox News and requested an audience with the great anti-president, Joe Biden. It was his second scheduled call this week to the White House. Scott wanted to talk about José Daniel Ferrer’s confinement and torment by the Cuban government.

Scott’s first call was sent straight to a voice message like an extended warranty spam offer. Then his next call did not last very long and ended abruptly. It sounds like my experience with Verizon Wireless.

Scott took to Twitter to vent like many of us do. He shared that the White House hung up on him on Wednesday when he called to discuss the horrendous torment and abuse of Jose Daniel Ferrer. As a prisoner of the ill-conceived socialist Cuban government, he is tortured. It isn’t simply a shortcoming, and it’s a despicable weakness.

In August, Ferrer was forced to serve the last four years in jail, even though he had already been under house arrest. This move by the Cuban regime was likely politically motivated.

Ferrer was the head of the Patriotic Union of Cuba. This organization was created to offer resistance to the current national government. He was captured in October 2019 on charges of attacking a man, and he has denied all charges and maintained his innocence. He was sentenced in February 2020 but was reduced to house arrest due to the global pandemic. In August of 2021, he was released from his home and remanded to jail, where he has suffered.

Rick Scott was notified about Ferrer’s assets seven days later. Republican Senator Marco Rubio (FL) and Democrat Senator Bob Menendez (NJ) sent a letter to the European Union’s Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell asking him to censure Havana’s treatment of political detainees. This group of US senators approached the EU and requested diplomatic pressure apply to Cuba. They demanded the rapid discharge of José Daniel Ferrer, Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, Maykel Osorbo, and every single political detainee. Scott later asserted that the public authority seized Ferrer’s child on December 12 to acknowledge the International Human Rights Day calmly.