Sen. Murphy Calls For End To Distance Learning

In a post on Twitter over the weekend, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) wrote:

“I was in a low-income elementary school in Bridgeport last month, and the teachers had a hard time putting in words how damaging the social isolation of distance learning had been for students. I hear this all over. Kids need the connectivity of in-person school.”

It is what the Democratic Party will have to answer to voters.

People were scared enough (that it was real, that it wasn’t real, and that everyone’s lying or crazy, the possibly even scarier scenario because it’s a big mystery so it could be anything, so your body and mind go into fight or flight mode prepared to fight every worst-case scenario, and big pharma gets to sell more pills than those corona prophylactics off this) that they went along with all of this to be safe, or hoping for the best, or because they felt powerless to do otherwise. Democrats got away with it for one election.

They didn’t do communism to your paycheck, which the kids won’t even know about. You may not even really feel it other than when you’re looking at your budget or filing your taxes or you might. Still, hey, that’s your indigestion because you didn’t call your congressman enough or donate to the libertarian candidate in the last campaign. Your kids don’t have to deal with communism until they take out a federally subsidized loan for university education and graduate.

But this is hitting the kids. Not long ago, there was a time before the Biden era when politicians left the kids out of it. You didn’t attack your opponents’ kids or talk about them. They didn’t choose to be in politics. It’s not them anyway, and they’re kids. Now, the Democrats have leapfrogged to taking a step further. They’re going for everyone’s kids. Making them little soldiers in the government’s stupid, made-up coronavirus war.

You see the photos, where the teachers and the administrators, all the grown-ups, aren’t wearing the masks, but the kids are wearing the masks. As told by government health authorities, science has all along said that the kids aren’t affected by a coronavirus. And they’re being taught from a young age that there’s a virus so dangerous that they all have to wear masks, but then they see the people telling them this is not wearing masks.

What does that teach an entire generation of Americans? How, as they form their view of you, and you represent the world, the authorities, society, civilization, and everything to them, how as they’re forming their view of the world with their eyes and ears on you, will they come to view people in positions of authority? As liars? As idiots? You’re degrading their faith in their world people. Please, stop this.

Replying to Sen. Murphy, one Twitter account posted, “It is on Democrats the collective abuse your policies have landed on this generation of children. K-12 students are now having heart attacks, depression, and a rise in suicides. Before vaccines, the young were the least affected segment of the population from COVID-19. On your hands!”

Well, we can’t pin the heart attacks on the vaccines. A lot is changing in the world very fast. Who’s surprised vaping has reached some fat part of the market adoption curve, and even athletes are dropping with heart problems? It could be the vaccines, but it’s not like the industry is new at making vaccines and is adding unique stuff that makes hearts pop. I’m not exactly a scientist, but I would put my money on vaping causing the tragic spike in heart attacks among seemingly young and healthy people.