Sarah Palin On Vaccine Mandates: “Over My Dead Body”

Sarah Palin stirred the crowd at AmericaFest over the weekend, a three-day retreat in Phoenix, Arizona, organized by Turning Point USA, with remarks that she would allow the government to force her to get a vaccine “over my dead body.”

The former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate for the Republican Party on the John McCain ticket also stirred Andrew Buncombe, writing for the Independent, to ask if Palin will “have the vaccine after contracting COVID.” Buncombe noted that “The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate revealed that she tested positive for Covid.”

Am I missing something, or is this an Independent writer? Why would contracting the virus back in March make Sarah Palin more likely to get the coronavirus vaccine?

Already getting the infection and surviving it with flying colors and her defiance to unconstitutional authority undamaged, her immune system has likely developed antibodies to fight off any further virus infections so that she doesn’t get sick.

That’s how immune systems work in healthy, normal human beings when they contract viral respiratory infections like the common cold caused by the rhinovirus or COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus variant that broke out in Wuhan right at the end of 2019.

Conservatives like Sarah Palin and Ron DeSantis, and Glenn Beck have been telling everybody about herd immunity since early 2020, so how is this a comeback to Palin’s barb that she’ll be found dead before she’s found with a needle in her arm that any member of the government told her she has to get?

That spirit of defiance is what makes Sarah Palin such an inspirational figure in movement conservatism. Saying she’ll take a vaccine mandate “over my dead body,” she reminds me of that historical moment that Charlton Heston raised his rifle at an NRA meeting and declared, “From my cold dead fingers,” the only way anyone will ever take his guns away from Mr. Heston.

Conservatives held the line on firearm freedom as a constitutional and human right for decades and advanced that God-given liberty to a degree now in 2021 that the ordinary citizen in American history has never enjoyed. If we can hold the line together again in defense of our very bodies themselves, as we did over the right to defend our bodies, conservatives can prevail in this fight for the soul of America too.