San Francisco Mayor Seeks Federal Assistance Over Crime Rate

The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, has called on the federal government to aid her as violent crimes continue to hit new heights in her city. Various crimes, including car thefts, burglaries, robberies, and drug use are major sources of concern for the Breed.

Breed wrote to California’s new U.S. attorney, Ismail J Ramsey, citing the shortage of police officers as the reason for the city’s current situation. In her letter, the Mayor laments the drug pandemic and rampant violent crimes as an issue that needs federal resources.

“As you know, we are dealing with multiple serious public safety challenges locally, from a fentanyl-driven overdose epidemic, open-air drug dealing, property crime in our commercial and residential neighborhoods, increasing gun violence, and prejudiced fueled incidents. While San Francisco is doing everything it can to address these public safety challenges, we are in the midst of an unprecedented police staffing shortage and we need help from the federal government,” she said in her letter.

The U.S. attorney’s spokesperson acknowledged Breed’s letter saying arrangements were being made to meet with her to discuss her concerns.

Breed’s agony comes as a surprise, considering her disposition toward police officers in recent times. While other states are discussing alternative policing amid personnel shortages and the volume of calls, the Mayor of San Francisco cut police and sheriff budgets in her state back in 2020.

Although the decision was later reversed based on the aftermath that surged crime rates, the initial decision cannot be isolated from the city’s situation today.


San Francisco’s reputation as the Thirteenth largest city in the U.S. and its rising homeless crisis, coupled with the high cost of living, makes it prone to crime. The quality of life in the city ascertains a corresponding increase in the general cost of living.
Many residents have now turned to crime to cope with the city’s high economic demands.