San Francisco Blocked From Giving Non-Citizens Voting Rights

In America today, there is a left-wing push to allow non-citizens to vote in various US elections.

In New York City, the left-wing city council approved a measure to give non-citizens voting rights in mayoral elections. Yet, this was ultimately struck down by a judge who determined this measure to be unconstitutional.

Democratic officials have not condemned measures that seek to give voting rights to non-citizens. In fact, officials like Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams have subtly endorsed illegal immigrants being able to cast ballots in elections.

San Francisco, California recently went down this route. Although, just like in New York City, the measure giving non-citizens voting rights was overturned by a judge.

A Close Review of San Francisco’s Failed Measure
San Francisco’s now-defunct measure allowed non-citizens to cast ballots in elections for school board members. This law initially passed in 2016 with the only stipulation being that non-citizens voting had to be parents of the children in the applicable schools.

Needless to say, San Francisco was sued by various groups who argued its measure clashed with state law. In California, one of the most fundamental requirements to vote in elections is US citizenship. By default, this means non-citizens are legally barred from voting in any California election.

The lawsuit against San Francisco’s voting law also pointed out the significance of school boards getting funding from taxpayers of California.

Because of this funding source, members of the community are very invested in making sure the voters putting various members on school boards are appropriately qualified.

Similar Problems in the Future?
While left-wing communities are working to let non-citizens vote in elections, the Biden administration is greenlighting plans to give ID cards to illegal immigrants at the southern border. Some reports even allege these migrants are being given social security numbers as well.

If migrants are granted social security numbers and ID cards, the ability to tell US citizens from illegal immigrants will become a lot harder.

This also potentially opens another door to illegal immigrants being able to vote in elections. Only, this time, it would be much harder for officials to catch it happening.

Coincidentally, the push for illegal immigrants to vote in US elections, get ID cards, and allegedly get social security numbers comes months ahead of the midterms.