Rush Limbaugh: Producer Bo Snerdley Challenges Democrats To Move Left In 2022

More than a week following the Republican blowout in 2021’s off-year U.S. elections, party strategists, politicians, and pundits are still taking turns trying to learn or trying not to learn from the results. After the Party of Lincoln soundly defeated Jefferson’s party the Tuesday before last, the considerable debate among the chattering classes is: Who else’s parties were these that we saw clash at the ballot booth?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) says the Boomers’ Democratic Party and energy failed to get out the vote on the ballot Tuesday. James Carville was pretty sure AOC’s vision of the Democratic Party was on trial in this election.

Carville, who architected the 1992 Clinton upset of George Bush senior’s re-election bid, went as far as to suggest on PBS NewsHour the day after the election that the Left’s new brand of radical woke progressivism is a mental disease requiring rehab (a common trope the kind of people who voted for Trump in 2016 have been putting on bumper stickers and repeating online since at latest the 1990s):

“Some of these people need to go to a detox center or something. They’re expressing language that people don’t use. And there’s a backlash and frustration at that.”

On the right, the debate is over whether it was, in fact, Donald Trump’s base that turned out Tuesday, leading a red wave and portending electoral defeat for Democrats in 2024. Meghan McCain didn’t think so. She posits that Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s Mr. Rogers-like personality won the affection of voters in the commonwealth last week. 

McCain says Republicans “can win in 2024 without Trump.”

Radio talk show host and former Rush Limbaugh show producer James Golden, AKA Bo Snerdley, couldn’t disagree more with that take. According to Snerdley, what we saw happen last week was more along the lines of Carville’s theory:

A conservative base fed up with the radical language of the university system wakes leftists, bent as they are on stirring up racial division and conflict and stoking the most dangerous fires of violently irrational resentment and vengefulness a conservative base activated by far-left turn Democratic politics has taken, and by the unseriousness of Democratic leaders who do not police the extremists in their wing.

Recently speaking on Fox News Prime Time, Snerdley said:

“James Carville does, I hate to say it, but James Carville, yes, has a point: wokeness is putting Democrats to sleep, their electoral chances anyway, across the country.”

The reason why? The late El Rushbo’s former producer says, “Because what you have is the radicalism that cannot be hidden from the American people anymore.”

He had this dare for Democrats in 2022: “By all means, please go even further to the left, and lose more elections, and let’s see what happens in 2022.”