Ron DeSantis is Sounding the Alarm About the IRS

Over the years, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) earned a negative reputation for being abusive and often politically biased.

In many cases, the IRS has gone after Americans who lack the financial resources to push back against them in court. During the Obama administration, for instance, the IRS also targeted the Tea Party and other conservatives.

Recently, Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. A key element of this bill involves puffing up the IRS with 87,000 new agents that will supposedly only target the wealthy and giant corporations.

However, amid warnings that middle-class Americans will be the inevitable new targets of this bloated government agency, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is weighing in with a critical message.

DeSantis on the IRS
In a nutshell, the Florida governor explained that with the newfound funding and agents, the government is going to come down hard on everyday Americans.

DeSantis likewise noted that by signing this bill, Democrats are ultimately giving middle-class people the bird and openly showing their disdain.

Later, DeSantis also expressly warned that left-wing officials are lying when they say the IRS won’t go after the middle class. The Florida governor cautioned that independent contractors, Uber drivers, and small business owners will be in the line of fire from the IRS.

Like in previous times, DeSantis explained the folks targeted by the IRS won’t have the resources to push back against audits and other penalties that will hurt them financially.

A Different Version of Events From the IRS
Since the Inflation Reduction Act passed, the IRS is working to do damage control to revive its image. Throughout its commissioner, the IRS claimed the Democrats’ new spending bill is actually going to empower the agency to help taxpayers.

The IRS wants Americans to think advancements in “taxpayer service” along with taxpayer technology will follow as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act.

In keeping with the left-wing narrative that the IRS will only go after the rich, the agency also claimed this new law is going to close the existing “tax gap” in the United States.

It goes without saying that many Americans simply aren’t buying the narrative from the IRS or its left-wing defenders. Much of the middle class is now bracing itself for the horrors to come.