Ron DeSantis Has Explained Why Florida is Doing So Well

In 2022, all eyes are on Florida. The state is doing exceptionally well across the board, from the economy, to new people moving in and more.

Of course, this is owing to the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL). The governor’s leadership has put people above political agendas and freedom above fascism.

The end result of this has been more and more residents moving into Florida, thus giving the state’s economy a significant boost.

However, when the success of Florida is broken down, it extends far beyond just the economy and new residents. Governor DeSantis explained as much during a recent interview, according to Fox News.

DeSantis on Florida’s Secret Sauce

On Saturday, during an interview with Fox News host Dan Bongino, DeSantis laid everything on the table.

According to the Florida governor, low taxes, law and order, and support for parental rights are huge factors in why the state is thriving. DeSantis also explained these policies are why so many Americans are leaving blue states like New York in droves and making Florida their new home.

DeSantis then shared some in-depth details about how committed Florida is to the rights of parents, notably as it pertains to education.

According to the Republican governor, there are no secrets in Florida about any of the curriculums being taught to kids. In addition to this, parents who have thoughts, feedback, and/or concerns are able to make their perspectives heard.

Another highlight of DeSantis’ interview came when he explained the Florida education system is about truly teaching children, not indoctrinating them as other education systems seek to do.

More Great News for DeSantis

Against the backdrop of all of Florida’s success, DeSantis is actually up for re-election this year. In the past few days, it’s come out that the Florida governor’s amassed over $100 million for his campaign.

To be clear, $100 million is more than any candidate for governor has raised in their campaign. Not only is it a historic milestone, but it also speaks to the levels of support for DeSantis. This support exists not just within Florida, but also outside of the state as well.

Along with a healthy war chest for DeSantis comes very healthy poll numbers. The Florida governor remains comfortably ahead of every single Florida Democrat opposing his run for re-election this year.

With DeSantis set to secure re-election in November, America can expect to see more and more greatness out of Florida.