Robert Malley Will Be Giving ‘Classified Briefing’ To Congress After ‘Pressure’ From Republicans

On Tuesday, Iran Envoy Robert Malley will provide a secret briefing to House lawmakers for the first time. The hearing follows a campaign of pressure from Republican foreign policy heavyweights. Malley’s testimony to Congress indicates that the Administration is on the verge of re-entering the tumultuous nuclear deal with Iran and releasing billions of dollars in sanctions relief.

Moreover, Robert Malley has been called to testify in a closed-door hearing on Iran’s nuclear negotiations by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The hearing comes only days after the Biden Administration lifted nuclear sanctions on Iran, allowing nations like Russia and China to help Tehran expand its nuclear capabilities. Iran hawks on Capitol Hill have slammed the move, which is likely to be the center of the session.

On Tuesday, the House Foreign Affairs Committee will receive a secret briefing from Malley. “A classified briefing is a start, but it’s not enough,” said Rep. Tenney. On Wednesday, Malley will provide a briefing to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The State Department has denied that Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley has dismissed or demoted any employees. Others, including Rep. Claudia Tenney, have accused Malley of “pushing out” individuals who disagree with him on the Iran discussions. The briefings come amid rumors that the US negotiation team is split. According to a State Department spokesperson, Malley is dedicated to close interaction with Congress.

Therefore Republicans are protesting the Biden Administration’s decision to grant Iran nuclear exemptions. The sanctions allow foreign nations, particularly Russia and China, to engage with Iran’s civilian nuclear industry without suffering American penalties. “The Biden Administration is dismantling sanctions to allow them to build up their nuclear program,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) said.