RNC Files Suit For Overstaffing Polls With Democrats

The Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit on Friday against the city of Flint, Michigan, alleging they hired an inordinate amount of Democrat-voting poll workers for the crucial 2022 midterm elections.

Michigan law states that election officials must appoint an even number of “election inspectors in each election precinct from each major political party.”

Michigan GOP Chairman Ron Weiser didn’t hold back in his public statement, accusing Flint city officials of making a “blatant attempt” to bypass state law.

“Democrats are putting their fingers on the scale when it comes to administering our elections,” said Weiser.”We’re going to continue fighting to protect the integrity of our elections in Michigan.”

This lawsuit comes after the RNC sent a letter to Flint last month in which they demanded compliance with state election law, but obviously to no avail.

The suit alleges approximately 120 of the 680 election inspectors hired in Flint for the midterms are Republican, a whopping 18 percent. Even Flint’s Absent Voter Counting Board was heavily lopsided in Democrats’ favor, with only 4 Republican inspectors hired compared to 56 Democrats.

Flint recently tried to throw the GOP a bone by promising that they’d just hired 50 new rightwing voters. Flint refused to offer any further assurance that all major parties will be adequately represented at the precincts.

Speaking to Breitbart, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel voiced her frustration with Flint’s gross non-compliance.

“Voters want bipartisan transparency at the ballot box, but Democrat officials in Michigan don’t want that to happen. Michigan law clearly states that cities must hire an equal number of Republican and Democrat election inspectors, and yet Democrat-run cities are refusing to do so and shutting Republicans out of the process,” said McDaniel.

Back in August, there were reports that city officials had hired an illegal amount of Democrat poll watchers for the August 2 primary. That prompted attorneys for “Pure Integrity Michigan Elections” to send Flint a letter urging the city to correct the error before the November midterms. Flint’s controversial City Clerk Inez Brown resigned 48 hours later.