RFK Jr. Slams DNC Over ‘Rigged’ Primary

President Joe Biden officially announced on Tuesday that he will be seeking another term in the White House — but another Democrat who entered the primary race last week is already attracting a significant amount of attention.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has long been derided by leftists in his own party for, among other things, his skeptical stance on the topic of vaccines.

In an interview with Breitbart this week, he returned fire by calling out the leaders of the Democratic National Committee.

He essentially claimed that the party is circling the wagons around Biden with a “rigged” primary race that will eliminate debates and allow voters in South Carolina — where the president did especially well in 2020 — to cast ballots even earlier next year.

“President Biden didn’t do well [in New Hampshire],” Kennedy said. “He came in fifth. So they took New Hampshire, and they kicked it out of first place. And now … they’re saying that they’re going to completely remove the delegates from New Hampshire.”

Meanwhile, he said that an outsider candidate like himself would stand a better chance of resonating with the generally more independent voters of that state, which he suggested is why the DNC is reducing its influence in the upcoming primary race.

“It’s very cheap to campaign in,” he said. “And it has the largest independent bloc in the country. And people [don’t] make up their minds until they see the candidates again and again and again and they shake the candidate’s hands five times before deciding who to vote for.”

In order to determine who they will support, Kennedy said that New Hampshire primary voters expect candidates to answer tough questions — something that Biden has shown repeatedly throughout the 2020 election cycle and thus far in his presidency that he is unwilling or unable to do.

If Biden hopes to win re-election next year, it seems clear that he will need all the help from the DNC that he can get. Just ahead of his re-election announcement this week, a poll found that 70% of Americans — including a majority of Democrats — did not want him to run again.