Resistance Is Mounting As Idaho Welcomes Biden With Large Protests

College football games have become the source of spontaneous mass protests of the anti-President Joe Biden. In Idaho, Biden is greeted by signs decrying him as having “Blood on His Hands.”

You would think that Joe is dealing with a guilty conscience over his failures in Afghanistan and incompetence and incoherence on the domestic front. But he has been insulated from criticism and prosecution his whole life. If he remains a valuable idiot who parrots liberal talking points most of the time, he gets to keep his cushy job, and his family can bask in the glory of his folly.

But playing President has more significant consequences than a relatively innocuous VP or Senator role. Two thousand plus Idahoans welcomed President Joe Biden Monday in Boise, Idaho. Many objected to his ironfisted dictates with boos and cries of protest and anger directed at the dementia-riddled executive’s vaccine tyranny.

Air Force One landed in the state, and Joe and his staff stayed for a couple of hours en route to California to support Democrat Party control. What made his staffers think that it would be a good idea to use every opportunity to shove our country’s decline in our faces by getting Biden out to meet the people?

Joe was trying to advance his budget and the liberal plan to remake America into a permanent debtor nation drowning in cheap dollars and inflation. He was campaigning at a Monday night rally for California Governor Gavin Newsom, who eventually won his recall vote. Many Californians have escaped to Idaho but bring their socialism with them.

It was the first time since 2015 that Biden visited Idaho, meeting with fire and wildlife agents and Republican Governor Brad Little at the National Interagency Fire Center. If we wanted to address wildfires in the west, we would reallocate the budget for brush management, fuel reduction, and home hardening or barriers when specifically needed.

Instead, in his typically tone-deaf and mechanical knee-jerk liberal manner, Biden cited climate change as the main problem in the world today. He thinks that ongoing fires, storms, and disruptions are due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is something out of the 1970s textbooks. But Joe tells us this is not a Democrat or Republican issue. He thinks that he sounds smart when he asserts that the pretext for government overreach in every aspect of interstate commerce and our national economic policy is really about the climate. When he claims it’s a reality and significant, he’s trying to convince himself that this issue is a winning one for him.

Americans are no longer sitting by and waiting for Biden to mess everything up. We are starting to see the consequences of the Biden plan, implemented by him and on his behalf by the party that installed him into the White House. Signs opposed everything from the President’s new vaccine orders and the hastily and poorly planned Afghanistan withdrawal. Yelling “Joe Biden sucks” or worse has become standard practice as a way for many patriots to voice their outrage at his devastating decisions.

The media and administration attempted to shame the people of Idaho for making their own decisions about the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus and vaccine is a state known for a low population density and a way of life. Biden knows that his vaccine mandate is not about stopping COVID-19 because he has not mounted any Constitutional arguments to enforce it.

Repeatedly the media have attempted to portray the Republicans, conservatives, or patriots who protest as gun-toting extremists. Simply speaking up for your God-given rights is not the threat of violence. No one brought firearms anywhere near the President. But the AP wants you to believe that owning or carrying a weapon is part of a coordinated attack on the USA. If they can convince us that our countrymen are a threat, then we are disunified and suspicious.