Republican Tudor Dixon Hammers Whitmer On Soft Border Stance

Republican Tudor Dixon is making strides in her contest to unseat Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on November 8 by speaking directly to voters about the issues they care most about. During the debate between the candidates held Tuesday evening, Dixon scored points by hammering Whitmer about her allegiance to Joe Biden and her willingness to allow deadly fentanyl and other drugs to stream across the southern border into the U.S. and Michigan.

Dixon told voters Tuesday evening that the country has seen “massive increases in overdoses,” and last year marked the highest number ever seen. She argued that the record number of deaths “directly correlates to the Whitmer and Biden policies of having an open border.” With illegal drugs flooding the border every day, she said the devastating number of overdoses has risen ever since both politicians took office.

Dixon said she would move immediately upon taking office to increase the number of police officers on duty in the state to counteract the fentanyl crisis. She said her “Safe State Plan” for Michigan will allocate around $1 billion in new spending to policing in the state.

She added that having more patrol officers and investigators will help prevent “a lot more overdose deaths. Dixon said that she intends to “make sure we have the backs of our cops” and invest properly in law enforcement so they will have the tools they need to battle the “horrible scourge on our country.”

There were less than 2,600 drug overdose deaths in Michigan in 2018, the year before Whitmer took office. The number surged to 3,040 last year, according to the Detroit Free Press. There was a 9.3% increase in overdose deaths in 2021 over the year before.

Dixon has been projected as the winner of the gubernatorial election coming up next month in the latest analysis by RealClearPolitics (RCP). With the adjustment for GOP undercounts in recent polling included, Dixon is expected to overcome Whitmer’s current narrow 3.1 percentage point lead.