Representative Urges National Security Damage Assessment For Biden Family

Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) called for a national security damage assessment related to actions by the Biden family after multiple troves of classified documents were found at different locations connected to the president.

Scott, as one of the newest members of the House Intelligence Committee, told the John Solomon Reports podcast that he believed this review should be done.

He noted, “the difference I see is that the Biden documents were in an area where other people clearly had access to them.” The Republican also raised questions over the amount of wealth controlled by the Biden family.

The president is at the center of a whirlwind of controversy after recent revelations that unsecured classified documents have been found both in his Delaware residence and an office he occupied after his years as vice president.

There are also numerous questions over the family’s wealth, particularly concerning income derived from son Hunter Biden’s controversial dealings with China and other foreign powers. Scott told Solomon that this is an area he would like to see some light shed on.

Regarding the family fortune, the representative said he does not understand “how you accumulate that much making $175,000 a year.” Even with the higher salary for the vice president, Scott questioned how that type of wealth came to be.

Scott stressed that all people in possession of classified documents in an unauthorized manner should be held accountable.

In 2022 the FBI seized documents from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, and former Vice President Mike Pence recently announced that more classified materials were found in a sweep of his Indiana residence.

Scott declared that it is not acceptable “that the documents were found and in possession of Republicans either.” He added that there needs to be a “very serious review” of the way classified papers are managed in the executive branch.

The representative is right, and now is the perfect time to answer troubling questions swirling around the Biden family. With the GOP in control of the House, look for investigations to get to the bottom of not only the classified materials scandal but also the unexplained Biden family wealth.