Report: Cities In Texas And Nebraska Are Now ‘Sanctuaries for the Unborn’

The pro-life movement has seen some major victories in the past few months. During the recent midterm elections, a total of nine cities in the states of Nebraska and Texas voted to become “sanctuary cities for the unborn,” according to a new report by Breitbart News.

On November 8th, a total of four Texas cities and six Nebraska villages voted on local ballot propositions banning abortions in their jurisdictions, claimed Director of Right to Life of East Texas Mark Lee Dickson in a piece for Live Action. Nine out of ten of the cities ended up passing the measures.

Live Action President Lila Rose celebrated the news, calling it “amazing” in a post she made to Twitter.

Athens, Texas
Voters of Henderson County’s Athens, Texas, passed an ordinance outlawing abortion within the city 58 percent (1,579 votes) to 42 percent (1,153)

“The ordinance adds further restrictions on abortion, prohibiting abortions performed on Athens residents — regardless of what state those abortions take place in,” wrote Dickson. “The Athens Ordinance also explicitly condemns the legacy of Curtis Wayne Boyd, who killed over 10,000 unborn children through illegal abortions prior to Roe v. Wade and opened up the first “legal” abortion facility in Texas after the 1973 ruling.”

Abilene, Texas
The city of San Angelo, Texas, passed an ordinance outlawing abortion with a margin of 56 percent to 44 percent.

“The results of the election reflect what the coalition of our churches who led the campaign have believed all along,” said local church Pastor Ryan Buck when speaking with Dickson on the matter. Buck, who is based in San Angelo, was reportedly one of the people who “ledge the charge” to ban abortion in the city.

“Abortion is murder and a degradation to our position as image bearers of God. Our victory should give our community leaders the backbone they need to stand for the moral issues of our day,” he continued.

As noted by far-left news agency NowThis News, cities in Texas have passed similar ordinances in the past.

Other cities joining Athens and Abilene with similar ordinances include San Angelo, Texas, Plainview, Texas, as well as the Nebraskan cities of Arnold, Paxton, Brady, Hershey, and Wallace.

Full descriptions of those local votes can be found here.