Rep. Swalwell Is Spreading Misinformation About Coronavirus

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) recently humbled bragged that he was on a flight in a post to Twitter: “I’m on a flight to the Bay Area right now, and it’s completely insane that the unvaccinated are permitted to fly. It’s dangerous in the cabin, and we’re carrying the virus. Requiring the vaccine to fly is the LAST thing we can do to halt the spread.”

But the California delegate to Congress didn’t stop showing off how rich he is. With a 280 character limit, he then proceeded to show off how pious and clean and safe he is to be around. Geeze, Swalwell! Keep a few chicks for the rest of us.

It is the reason why there are incels. You’ve got total hotties like Swalwell hogging up all the honey. And these poor, frustrated, unvaxxed guys can’t even get one of these ladies to tell them the time of day. They laugh at them, or roll their eyes, or ignore them.

Then Swalwell comes sauntering up holding out a three-hole-punched, two pocket, presentation portfolio with his vaccination cards and other medical records, arms-length from his face as he approaches, double-masked, and saying in a slow, soothing voice, “Trigger warning, a straight white male who farted on a live broadcast is approaching. Do not be alarmed. I will observe the 6-foot distance rule. Trigger warning, a straight white male who farted.”

The portfolio also contains his Planned Parenthood membership card, a list of his allergies, his 23 and Me, and his sperm donor card. The man is a walking advertisement for contraceptives.

And the shawties swoon. They flip their hair back, and it whips the incels in the face. Then they go home and support Trump and online white supremacy and right-wing extremism. That’s how it all starts. Because they’re jealous of how cool Democrats are with all this big, aching, old ovary, mean, crazy Karen energy they’re bringing to politics and public policy.

Because they’re not bringing science to politics and public policy, they’re just wrapping themselves in it for shame over what they’re doing to this nation. Eric Swalwell’s claim that it’s “unsafe in the cabin and we are transporting the virus” is not even valid. In Oct 2020, USA Today reported a study on the risk of coronavirus transmission in airplane cabins.

The study, conducted by United Airlines, Boeing, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, National Strategic Research Institute, and research firms for the U.S. Department of Defense, found:

“The risk of aerosol dispersion transmission of the virus through the air was reduced 99.7% thanks to high air exchange rates, HEPA-filtered recirculation and downward ventilation found on modern jets.”

The study said: “Both the 767 and 777 eliminated particles 15 times faster than a home and five to six times faster than suggested design criteria for modern hospital operating or patient isolation rooms,” so you’re probably more likely to catch coronavirus in a hospital operating room than in a commercial airline flight.

Rep. Swalwell is spreading misinformation about coronavirus.