Rep. James Comer: FBI Leaders Should Resign

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the top Republican member of the Oversight and Reform Committee, said Sunday that he would support a commission to investigate the FBI if the GOP wins majority control of the House.

Comer is expected to be the chairman of the committee if republicans are successful in the midterm elections, an idea that seems more likely as the election approaches.

Appearing on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Comer was asked if he would consider putting an outside commission in place to investigate the FBI.

Comer answered, “I would, you know, obviously it depends on who’s on the commission, but we have a huge problem with the FBI. And the fact is the American people have lost confidence in the FBI. It’s been politicized for at least six years now, and it’s going in the wrong direction. Every day another report comes out that’s more damaging to the FBI. We certainly need to reform the FBI. We certainly need new leadership at the top. But the encouraging thing, Maria, is there are dozens of FBI agents who are coming forward to Jim Jordan and other members of Congress to try to blow the whistle on wrongdoing at the FBI. I think the majority of the FBI agents in America want to do a good job, and we honestly need an FBI, but we don’t need the leadership we have now. They should resign. They should be held accountable for wrongdoing. And we’ve got to repair and reform the FBI moving forward.”

Throughout the interview, although Comer made it clear that he believes that the FBI has been politicized and has made mistakes, he made it clear that his focus would be on President Biden and his son Hunter.

He called the President’s family “the entire Biden crime family” pointing at numerous complaints against Hunter for influence-peddling and suspicious activity reports, none of which have been followed through on by the FBI.

Republicans on the Oversight and Reform Committee want to speak with Timothy Thibault about his role in the suppression of information on Hunter Biden and, to date, Thibault has been unwilling to meet with them.

The key is, according to Comer, is that republicans need “subpoena power,” something they do not have as the minority party. If the GOP wins a majority in November, however, they will be able to force Thibault and others to testify under oath or face legal consequences.