Rapinoe Claims Dave Chappelle’s Jokes ‘Directly’ Lead To Violence Against Trans People

U.S. women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe has blamed popular comedian Dave Chappelle for “directly” causing violence against so-called “transgender” people through his jokes.

While Chappelle follows the general rule that comedians should make fun of every group equally, Rapinoe and other leftists demand special treatment for certain “protected groups” that they believe should be immune from criticism or jokes.

In an interview with Time magazine, the soccer player expressed her support for the transgender agenda — claiming that any jokes about the transgender community “directly” lead to violence, including what she said is “verbal” violence.

“I don’t want to mince words about it,” Rapinoe said. “Dave Chappelle making jokes about trans people directly leads to violence, whether it’s verbal or otherwise, against trans people. When Martina or Sage or whoever are talking about this, people aren’t hearing it just in the context of elite sports. They’re saying, ‘The rest of my life, this is how I’m going to treat trans people.’”

Rapinoe went on to claim that “women’s sports” are being “weaponized” because several Republican-led states have dared to enact legislation barring males from competing in female sports due to the obvious physical differences between men and women.

“It’s particularly frustrating when women’s sports is weaponized,” she claimed. “Oh, now we care about fairness? Now we care about women’s sports?”

“That’s total bulls—t,” Rapinoe added. “And show me all the trans people who are nefariously taking advantage of being trans in sports. It’s just not happening.”

Chappelle has been repeatedly attacked by the left for daring to joke about the LGBT community — especially transgender people. In one of his stand-up comedy events — where he often makes jokes about transgender people — Chappelle pushed back against the left’s criticism of him, pointing out that he has many friends who identify as transgender and bears no ill will toward them.

Rapinoe, who plans to retire after the 2023 season, also said during the interview that she welcomes so-called “transgender women” on the U.S. women’s soccer team — despite the fact that they would displace actual women on the team, and have obvious advantages that could lead to women getting injured on the field.

“‘You’re taking a ‘real’ woman’s place,’ that’s the part of the argument that’s still extremely transphobic,” she claimed.

“I see trans women as real women. What you’re saying automatically in the argument — you’re sort of telling on yourself already — is you don’t believe these people are women,” Rapinoe added. “Therefore, they’re taking the other spot. I don’t feel that way.”