Radical Abortion Groups Sharing Map to Target Pro-Life Clinics with Violent Attacks

Leftist abortion advocacy and domestic terror groups are sharing a map of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers published by two University of Georgia professors to provide targets for violent attacks.

Dozens of the pregnancy centers have already been vandalized, firebombed, or threatened in the weeks since the draft opinion of the Supreme Court in the case reversing Roe v. Wade was leaked weeks ago. The ruling of the court became official on Friday.

They have titled it the “Crisis Pregnancy Center Map,” and it provides the exact street addresses of clinics around the country that are easily entered into any GPS mapping app. The website publishing the map says it is being shared “to provide location information about all of the crisis pregnancy centers operating in the U.S.”

The website describes pro-life pregnancy centers as “fake women’s health centers.”

Some extremist organizations have been re-publishing the map with the implication that it should be used to locate targets for radical attacks.

Washington state-based Puget Sound Anarchists operates a website affiliated with Antifa groups in the state. They linked the map in a social media post regarding the vandalism of a local clinic. The post advised readers they could use the map to find “your nearest fake abortion clinic.”

Twin Cities Encampment Responders is a radical group located in Minnesota. It sent a tweet attaching the map shortly after the Supreme Court ruling was announced on Friday. It said it included “dozens” of “anti-abortion fake clinics” in the Twin Cities area and declared “information is power.”

Colorado Liberation and Autonomy operates a website affiliated with Antifa and also posted a tweet linking the map. Its caption said “defend reproductive rights” and included the ominous phrase used in vandalizing clinics with graffiti nationwide, “If abortions are not safe, neither are you.”

A graphic attached to the tweet read with regard to local pregnancy centers, “Mask up. Stay dangerous.”

The groups circulating the map appear to be aligned with the group calling itself Jane’s Revenge which has claimed responsibility for much of the violence directed toward pregnancy centers in recent weeks.

Jane’s Revenge has promised that it will take “increasingly drastic measures against oppressive infrastructures.” Of course, they are describing continued violence against pro-life clinics. The group added that their “measures may not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti.”