Public Schools Hurt as Parents Vote with Their Feet

The one silver lining from the school closures during the Covid pandemic is that parents got to see what their children were learning. Not just reading, writing, and arithmetic but political indoctrination as well. This revelation led to tense school board meetings across the country. Conservative moms and dads began to run for and win positions of influence in the school system.

As the light began to shine on the public schools, people began to discover that controversial ideas had been infiltrating the system for years if not decades. The pushback from the teacher’s unions on issues such as Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill remains a major red flag for conservative parents. The response was perfectly rational.

Education is compulsory. The location is not. Homeschooling, private schools, and religious schools are a far preferable alternative to risking having your children indoctrinated by predatory Marxists. Stories are starting to come out of public school officials encouraging students to gender transition children without their parent’s knowledge or consent. Public schools traditionally have been viewed as safe places to send your children with the knowledge that what they were being taught was within a range of acceptable mainstream views. No more.

There have also been instances of extreme bullying revolving around vaccination status or mask compliance. A 15-year-old boy recently committed suicide in Chicago because of being tormented by his peers for being unvaccinated. There are so many moving parts now that parents must deal with that it is no surprise that many of them have decided to take their children out of the public schools entirely. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an easy fix.

The public school system did not get here in a day but slowly over time. The minority views that most adults observed being expressed during their time in school are now mainstream. Parents feel adrift and are extremely worried about the negative impact on their children. It is likely that a separate conservative ecosystem, including moderate democrats, will emerge in response to the high demand for alternatives to public schools.

Until that happens, parents will do the best they can with the alternatives at hand. There is no sign of public schools changing course and they will continue to lose students.