Psaki Tells You Without Telling You, That Joe Biden Hates Poor People

At a White House press briefing Wednesday, Biden press secretary Jen Psaki said a lot of words with a meager content-to-word ratio when a reporter asked about rising prices harming the personal finances of millions of Americans. Since inflation kicked in this year, the Biden Administration and left-leaning news media outlets have been pretending that it is a “transitory” bump in the road as global supply chain issues continue to create shortages.

But anyone with a basic understanding of Econ 101 level supply and demand concepts knows that the reason prices are rising dramatically, even dangerously, in America and around the world, is that the United States government and Federal Reserve have created a truly, and this is not an exaggeration, but the only fitting description a genuinely radical amount of new dollars to loan out to the U.S. Treasury and big corporate borrowers with friends on K Street in Washington and at JP Morgan Chase and Co in New York City.

And now that some months have passed since the White House and the professional stenographers for its partisan state propaganda at CNN promised inflation was just a temporary, technical glitch in the global supply chain, even the super Biden-friendly access journalists in the White House press corps couldn’t help but notice Biden, Psaki, and Lemon were either clueless or lying. Probably both!

The journal pointed out to Psaki that “people are still paying ten, fifteen, or twenty percent more for meat. And they’re saying that consumer goods price inflation was supposed to be transitory three months ago, four months ago.” The problem? “But we’re still here,” the reporter reminded Psaki. Then he asked, “Does that make things more difficult to explain?”

All the White House press boss had to say was, “Yes.” Because she had a challenging time explaining her answer to the cameras. “Well, it requires us to explain it.” Notice she didn’t say it requires us to understand why this is happening. They don’t care about making our lives better. They need an explanation now to duck blame for what they’ve done and get you off their back, a very telling first sentence in reply.

Then without giving any evidence to support her claim whatsoever, Jen Psaki blamed it on monopolies, “The cost of meat is also related to competition, and the small number of large meat producers who dominate the market, and the fact that a lot of these issues are not as simple as a one-sentence explanation.” What are you saying, Psaki? Is there an FTC antitrust investigation in store for meat companies? I’m sure a hefty fine will help drive their prices lower. Not.

She concluded: “We all understand the American people are not looking at cost-to-cost comparisons from this year to two years ago. They’re looking at the cost-to-cost comparisons to their checkbooks from eight months ago or twelve months ago.” What exactly does that mean, and how does she know it’s true? She isn’t up there spitting facts. She’s just up there singing songs.