Psaki Proves the Regime Narrative Always Trumps the Truth

Last year there was outrage in the mainstream media regarding a photo of a border patrol agent on horseback pursuing immigrants who had crossed the border illegally. It was argued that the agent was using the reins as a whip. A frenzy of outrage ensued. Even the President got involved.

Anyone who knows anything about riding horses knows how ludicrous it would be to try and whip people with what you use to control the horse. After a lengthy investigation, the agents have been cleared. It does not help your career in the Border Patrol to have the most powerful man (by title only) personally attack you, so has Biden and his administration offered an apology? The ever-reliable Peter Doocy from Fox News asked the question.

Being a leftist means never having to say you are sorry. Jen Psaki is just counting the days until she can abandon ship and join MSNBC, but even if this were her first week on the job, she would have answered the same way. The main point for this administration is to maintain the narrative no matter what the reality on the ground is.

They take stances like Biden’s war on energy has had nothing to do with rising gas prices. Psaki makes jokes about the ‘tragedy of the delayed treadmill’ trying to downplay the supply chain crisis that is crushing small businesses. The President gets to paint border patrol agents as racists and does not apologize even after they are cleared. The administration knows that the truth is irrelevant.

If you can control the narrative, you can control people’s attention. If you can control people’s attention you can control what they fight over. If everyone is fighting over things that do not really matter in a strategic sense, then you can loot the country and do whatever you want on the things that matter to you. The regime can keep focusing on the things that solidify its power. This strategy does work if the bread and circuses keep flowing.

The problem for the Biden administration is that the merry-go-round is about to stop. The energy crisis coupled with inflation is waking everyone up to the reality around them. The truth is becoming apparent to everyone. The emperor is losing his clothes and it is not a good look.