Psaki Claims Trump Started Disinformation Board

Rarely has an anonymous person become so famous so quickly and been this polarizing. Nina Jankowicz has been tapped to head up the Department of Homeland Securities Disinformation Board. Besides authoring a few books that almost no one read, Jankowicz was also a member of the wizard rock band ‘The Moaning Myrtles’ based on Harry Potter lore. Social media has also spent the last few days excoriating her for a Tik Tok video where she does her best Mary Poppins impersonation while imploring people to beware of misinformation.

It is easy to focus on Jankowicz because she has made herself an easy target. She is a not so serious person who has been streaming too many episodes of Glee and High School Musical. What is incredibly serious is the position she is about to assume. Never in the United States has there been a ‘board of disinformation,’ a body dedicated to curbing speech. It is unclear how every move the board makes will not immediately run afoul of the 1st Amendment.

Most serious political commentators who are not already part of the propaganda arms of the United States Government, meaning the mainstream media, have been apoplectic about the board’s creation likening it to 1984’s Ministry of Truth. When asked about it, Jen Psaki retreated to common ground in defense of the move by blaming President Trump.

A ‘continuation of work under Trump’ is a statement so vague as to be meaningless. The timing of the announcement of the appointment is also suspect, coming mere days after Elon Musk’s successful bid for Twitter.

With the other Big Tech Oligarchs content to push whatever the narrative of the moment required by the Biden administration, a rogue Twitter providing a true public square is a direct threat to those in charge. The ability to control the flow of information is critical to gaslighting the country about the true situation. Certainly, skeptics will not be convinced but only a portion of the country needs to buy into a narrative for it to stand.

Regardless of who was responsible for the creation of the disinformation board, it is a troubling development. Conservatives should work tirelessly to stop it.