Prominent Reporter Fired For Calling Trump ‘Orange Face’

A long-time political analyst is without a job today after referring to former President Donald Trump as a “looming orange face” on a live television segment.

Bill Crane, a prominent commentator for decades in Atlanta, appeared on WSB-TV in Georgia’s capital Sunday. He was discussing the Fulton County investigation into the 2020 election and Trump’s efforts to ensure that all ballots had been properly counted when he made his observation.

Prefacing his comments by stating that Labor Day is when undecided voters begin focusing on the election, Crane lamented that Trump’s “fantasy” of the 2020 election being stolen is kept in front of voters.

That and “his looming orange face…when they’re trying to decide how they are going to vote.”

That was enough for many of the station’s viewers, who flooded inboxes with protests. The station’s vice president and general manager quickly released a statement Monday saying that Crane’s comment was not in keeping with “fair and unbiased reporting and analysis.”

In a refreshing move, the station “immediately” cut ties with Crane. Doubtless he will not be out of work for long, but for once there is some accountability for incredibly obvious bias.

Station management, Crane said, told him he “crossed a line” and that the bias he showed against Trump and the GOP “was not recoverable.”

For his part, Crane defended himself by saying on social media that Democrats have a strategy of keeping Trump in the spotlight to increase the turnout of their base in November. Nothing wrong there. But he didn’t stop there.

In a quasi-apology, the media veteran said “perhaps in my verbiage I certainly could have been a bit more PC.” He then claimed to have both Democrats and Republicans as friends and mentors. Sound familiar?

Comedy and the late night political farce that passes for comedy are one thing, but serious political analysis is quite another. It is encouraging, at least in one instance, to see that even a mouthpiece respected in some circles is held accountable for a ridiculous level of bias.