Progressives Are ‘Lashing Out’ At Dems Over Report That ‘Squad Politics’ Is Hurting The Party’s Chances In The Midterms

The Democratic Party’s progressive side has reacted strongly to an Axios piece describing how prominent Democrats feel the “squad” politics has harmed the party and destroyed its chances. According to the survey, many Democrats hold the far-left progressives responsible for unpopular initiatives such as defunding the police, renaming schools, and toppling statues.

According to a new analysis from the Center for American Progress, internal polling reveals that the Americans regard Democrats as “preachy,” “judgmental,” and “bent on cultural battles” rather than tackling genuine problems. “The most liberal city in the most liberal state determined that liberal activists had gone too far,” the study says, citing the recall of three progressive members of the San Francisco school board.

Moreover, while the sides of squad members declined to comment on the news, some congress members replied through Twitter. “If people haven’t noticed by now, whenever the media blames progressives, there is something conservative Democrats are attempting to hide. They abolished the Child Tax Credit, which put 4 million children in poverty. Make sure people don’t get sidetracked,” Rep. Cori Bush said (D-MO).

Furthermore, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agreed with an emoji symbol, but she blamed capitalism for the story in her tweet. She sent out a tweet:

Furthermore, others on social media slammed the study, calling it “racist and chauvinist.” The social media skirmish is the latest in a long-running campaign by far-left progressives to seize leadership of the Democratic Party from the party’s centrist half.