Popularly Known As ‘The COVID Curse’

It seems like the political and media figures and the states and municipalities that embraced and pushed COVID hysteria have reaped an abundant harvest of bad luck and misfortune roughly in proportion to how far they took 2020’s odd games.

A New York ethics panel voted in a 12-1 decision Tuesday to pay back $5.1 million in profits the recently disgracefully exited governor made from a book he wrote about his time in office during the panic, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Chris Pandolfo reports at TheBlaze that:

“JCOPE rescinded its approval because it concluded that the governor inappropriately used government staffers and resources to write his book, the New York Post reported. Cuomo must turn over his profits to state Attorney General Letitia James by the end of next month.”

That’s what his brother over at CNN got his show canceled for doing, his former employer alleges, inappropriately using his professional media contacts to give a leg up to his brother personally.

The COVID curse, if there is such a thing, has slapped these two down hard. The governor’s state and California’s were the two biggest offenders overstepping the line to enforce covid panic strictures on the public.

California’s governor hasn’t suffered as severely, handily defeating his challengers at the recall attempt. Still, he also didn’t take the national stage and spotlight as did his New York counterpart to promote the covid regime, in partnership with his bro on cable news. Still, the Golden State suffers the curse of hemorrhaging company headquarters and facilities to other states.

The Biden Administration has seen its fortunes turn in no time since assuming office, with collapsing public approval ratings over his hastily broken promise not to violate the fourth amendment of the Constitution with a vaccine mandates that abuse commercial regulatory statute to push a controversial public health agenda, that came after he admitted that he issued an economic directive earlier this year, knowing that it was unconstitutional. Still, hoping to get the policy result he wanted in the amount of time it would take to get a challenge to the court, abusing the gaps in the procedure to subvert orderly administration of policy.

All the broadcast and cable networks and shows that promoted COVID hysteria has seen their ratings plummet since Trump was removed from the White House and took up residence in the great State of Florida, and since more and more people have wanted less and less to do with the hashtag of the century as it turns out it was the purveyors of covid panic who were peddling misinformation, missing context, fake news, unscientific prattle, and lodes of other total bolsheviks.

One is reminded of an old saying from the Jordan B. Peterson lecture: “Don’t be thinking you can twist the fabric of reality and have it not spring back on ya, eh.”