Poll Reveals Voters Trust GOP More Than Democrats To Handle Key Issues

Amid skyrocketing consumer prices, rampant illegal immigration, and a nationwide crime wave, it is not surprising that Democrats from President Joe Biden down are experiencing rock-bottom approval ratings.

A new Fox News poll, however, reveals just how much more American voters trust Republicans to take care of the nation’s problems than Democrats. As GOP candidates prepare for a midterm election cycle that appears to be theirs to lose, the recent survey paints an even rosier picture for the party ahead of November.

The bipartisan pollsters who conducted the survey found that voters are more than twice as likely — 51% to 25% — to believe that Republicans will place a priority on combating inflation than Democrats. Respondents also said that they believe GOP candidates would focus on issues such as abortion and immigration.

As for the Democratic Party’s priorities, voters felt that they would also place an emphasis on abortion as well as voting rights and climate change.

When it comes to which party respondents believed would be most effective at addressing, Republicans came out on top in four major categories. According to the survey, Americans trust the GOP more than Democrats on border security issues by a 19-point margin.

Furthermore, 55% of respondents said Republicans would do a better job handling inflation and higher consumer prices, compared to just 4 in 10 who said Democrats would. By a similar margin, voters said the GOP would be more effective at addressing the nation’s crime problem.

Although the advantage was much slimmer, Republicans came out on top when respondents were asked to weigh in on which party is best equipped to tackle policies related to guns.

Chris Anderson, the Democratic pollster who helped compile the results, cited some potential bright spots for his party, including the recently advanced Inflation Reduction Act and lower gas prices.

“These are successes Democrats can point to that didn’t exist in the spring, but the biggest single change I see in this poll is the increased disapproval of the Supreme Court and suspect that is a significant factor.”

On the other hand, GOP pollster Daron Shaw predicted that his party is poised to regain control of Congress because “Democrats are more geographically concentrated in a smaller set of districts and … Republicans have drawn more districts to their advantage.”

Another factor that plays in the Republican Party’s favor is the historical trend of the president’s party losing seats in Congress during the first midterm after a presidential election. As FiveThirtyEight reported in January: “The president’s party is almost always cursed with midterm losses in congressional elections. This reality makes Republicans favorites to win full control of Congress in 2022 pretty much regardless of what happens over the next year — although the extent of the GOP’s advantage could grow or shrink depending on how Biden is doing as president.”