Poll: Population Of Unvaccinated Americans Now 29%

According to a new poll from The Economist/YouGov, 29% of Americans refused to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, despite the Biden administration and many employers implementing a defacto mandate in an attempt to get all Americans to accept the highly controversial injection.

The poll asked participants whether they had “NOT received ANY” COVID-19 vaccination shots or they had received at least one shot “of ANY manufacturer’s COVID-19 vaccine.” The percentage of Americans that answered in the affirmative was 71%.

The political affiliations of the respondents are telling, with the most likely group to refuse the vaccine being Independents, of which 39% remained unvaccinated. Independents were followed by Republicans, who declined to be vaccinated at a rate of 35%. And a surprising 14% of Democrats ignored the orders of their party leaders and public health officials, deciding against being vaccinated against COVID-19.

The poll also shows that slightly more women preferred to retain their unvaccinated status — with 31% remaining unvaccinated — while men turned down the shot at 29%.

These results come after a monumental effort by the Biden administration to coerce all Americans to receive what has been euphemistically called “the jab.”

As more information comes out regarding the vaccine, many who have been vaccinated for COVID-19, particularly in the conservative movement, are showing regret for having taken the shot under intense pressure from government, media and employers in all sectors of the economy.

Particularly troubling has been the continued evidence of either incompetence or dishonesty coming from the experts who have changed their stances after confidently declaring as fact what is now decidedly fiction. One specific instance is Dr. Anthony Fauci, who GOP members of Congress have promised to investigate should they win sufficient seats to do so in November.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has been a particularly staunch opponent of Dr. Fauci’s technocratic approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, consistently challenging him on the science behind his methods in approaching the virus and his stance on vaccination policy.

Despite city-wide mandates, the federal government’s coercion and the persistent propagation of panic by the media and social media giants, nearly one-third of Americans resisted the Biden administration’s authoritarian policies entirely.