PolitiFact’s ‘Fact-Checked’ To Biden And Harris “Distrusted” Vaccines

PolitiFact’s shameful attempt to cover up for Biden and Kamal is met with criticism yet again. As previously reported, Biden clearly said that he wanted to eliminate guns that can shoot up to 20 people or more at a time. Still, PolitiFact manipulated the statement by saying that he only wanted to ban the magazines with high capacity that could shoot up to 20 rounds or more when Biden expressly stated otherwise. Similarly, when Trump was still in the White House and had started the vaccine roll-out, Biden and Kamala expressed their concerns about the authenticity of the vaccine suggesting it might have been started rolling out without any trial. But, according to PolitiFact’s fact check, they were expressing their doubts and concerns about Trump’s vaccine roll and not the vaccine itself.

According to PolitiFact’s contributing writer Tom Kertscher, the video has edited out the part where Biden and Kamala have supposedly only mentioned their concerns regarding the roll-out by Trump and has been compiled in a way to manifest that they doubt the vaccine. They have even provided an added context to his statements shown in the video. His words are further connected to fabricated lines that suggest that Biden is doubting whatever Trump is distributing among the public, suggesting it might be ‘bleach.’ He is not ready to take his word for it. In another sentence, Biden said that the vaccine might not go through the trial period needed to be considered legit. PolitiFact supported in the lines that it might be rushed and politicized by Trump to gain public support.

Any person in their clear conscience can clearly distinguish among these statements lies an entity trying to cover up the facts and questioning Trump’s roll-out, calling it Bleach points towards the distrust for the vaccine or missing the trial period. PolitiFact’s bold attempts at covering up for Biden and his administration since day one are out in the clear, and their bias towards defending them is soon to backfire.