Pennsylvania Students Stage Walkout Over Transgender Bathroom Policy

Pennsylvania High School students staged a walkout over a new transgender bathroom policy. The policy allows transgender males to use the female bathrooms within the school district.

A Pennsylvania school district with a bathroom ruling allowing transgender students to use bathrooms based on their preferred gender rather than their biological gender has sparked debate. A father of one of the school district’s female students requested changes to this policy due to his daughter being upset and emotionally disturbed by the bathroom policy.

The requested changes appeared in Policy 720. This policy would call for the students to use bathrooms that matched their biological gender and not their preferred gender.

The school district rejected Policy 720. This denial has led to high school students in the school district staging a walkout.

Student John Ott organized the walkout. His reasoning dealt with the comfort level of his fellow students, especially the females. “Kids were upset. Girls… we wanted to protect them. They were upset. They didn’t want men in their bathroom.”

The safety of the students, especially the females, is a concern for many students. The safety issue came to light in 2021 with the Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia. Following their changes allowing transgender males into the female bathrooms, two female students were assaulted by a “gender fluid” male student.

These assaults drove the issue of student bathroom safety home. Ott’s mother is one of the concerned parents who feel these laws do not take in the big picture of every student and instead focus on the transgender students alone.

“The safety of females is so important and these students that stood out that walked out, they are to be commended. They have courage and they exercise their First Amendment rights. This is about protecting our children and our privacy and boys and girls. It’s simple biology,”

Similar walkouts are planned around the country with the students being the loudest voices against the transgender bathroom policies. The students are not only calling for change but for the safety of all students to be considered in this highly debatable policy argument.