Pennsylvania Gender Clinic Used Taxpayer Funds For Training

A Pennsylvania gender clinic utilized thousands in taxpayer dollars to instruct mental health providers on “affirmative” care for children as young as eight years old.

According to documents secured through a public records request by the Daily Caller News Foundation, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) garnered over $176,000 in funding over three years for the effort. It was used to create “Transgender Therapy Training Workshops.”

The money was allocated by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

The project featured a series of webinars and in-person training sessions targeting mental health professionals. The gender clinic shockingly sends kids as young as 14 for cross-gender surgeries.

These include mastectomies and breast constructions that the mental health providers promoted after being trained using taxpayer funds. Prescribed treatments at CHOP also include puberty blockers and hormones for children.

This is hardly the first time the children’s hospital has entered controversial territory over transgender issues. The revelation of a series of internal emails in 2017 that affirmed the lack of evidence of benefits from irreversible gender surgeries on minors caused a stir.

One of the writers was Pennsylvania’s physician general at the time, Dr. Rachel Levine. The biological male who identifies as a female now serves as President Joe Biden’s assistant secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services.

Critics charged that the surgeries amount to “a giant experiment on children.”

The 2020 CHOP request for grant funds said “these trainings began as an identified need from both transgender clients wanting to access affirming and supportive mental health care and mental health providers knowing how to best support their transgender clients.”

And what do mental health professionals learn through these taxpayer-supported trainings? That children as young as three may share their gender identity and that these small children’s transgender status is “confidential” and may not be shared without their permission.

Since 2017, the children’s hospital has provided training to at least 15 schools. One, Pennsbury School District, gave $1,200 for professional development sessions for K-12 educators.

These teachers and staff were instructed on how to better provide “gender inclusive and affirming educational environments.” Another district, Southern Lehigh, was advised on how to promote students’ “room for exploration” of their gender.