Pastor Who Fled Chinese Persecution: America Descending Into ‘Dark Reality’

Pastor Bob Fu, a Chinese American pastor who started ChinaAid, an organization dedicated to standing up for human and religious rights around the world, recently appeared on Fox News to discuss what he characterizes as “striking similarities” between the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and leftist leader in the United States.

Fu and his wife reportedly escaped China after they were locked up in a Beijing prison for collaborating with others involved in the nation’s underground Christian church movement.

“I observed striking similarities during this COVID dictatorship time between China and, of course, even the United States of America,” Fu said during an appearance with “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday. “I find we are really, in America, descending into a very dark reality that somehow these mayors and governors all of a sudden became little emperors.”

Fu put the mainstream media on blast, accusing it of serving as a “propaganda” arm for the “leftist agenda.”

“The media has become an ideological tool to do propaganda with one side of the extreme leftist agenda,” asserted Fu. “That is very worrisome to me.”

“We cannot really make our exceptionalist constitutional democracy into this communist style of governance,” he argued. “That worries me the most.”

He then highlighted videos of the Chinese government going after Christian church attendees.

“Every day, many of my friends are arrested and serving five years, seven years, nine years imprisonment for simply preaching the gospel and organizing peaceful worship service every Sunday,” he stated.

“Now, all of a sudden, we cannot tolerate the worship,” Fu explained, referencing the arguably unconstitutional lockdowns that banned church attendance in many parts of the country.

“If you are in defiance of a little emperor mayor or governor’s ordinance, who order you how and when, where to worship — this is certainly the most worrisome thing. I feel that America is, unfortunately — including Canada and other European countries — are coming to this point of active discrimination and perhaps persecution on the door.”

The pastor argued there is an agenda in the U.S. to seize “total control” of the church and that leftist representatives such as California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) know very well what they are doing.

“I actually not only feel they understand, they are adopting similar or same tactics — same playbook — from the Chinese communists,” he asserted. “I feel, in that way, the communist party [is] successfully penetrating or exporting these tactics.”

“This is all a matter of total control,” he explained. “It is a matter of power over the church, and those mayors or governors, such as in California, I mean, they just want to be the lord over the church and over the people of faith, in the name of the Covid.”

He banally warned that American Christians should ready themselves to face the type of persecution endured by “Chinese Christians, Saudi Arabian Christians, [and] North Korean Christians.”

Similar anti-religious persecution was seen in Canada during the lockdowns, although arguably in a far worse form than most Americans had faced:

Fu has appeared on numerous news networks, often sharing stories about the persecution faced by himself and others in China over their Christian faith.

He has also been a guest author for The Epoch Times and spoke on a show belonging to the outlet in 2019.