Ousted Tennessee Lawmaker Who Led Storming Of Capitol Restored To His Seat

An ousted Tennessee lawmaker who led far-left activists in storming the state Capitol building has been restored to his seat by the Memphis council.

Radical leftist Rep. Justin Jones (D-Nashville) was removed from his position by a two-thirds majority vote of his colleagues after he and two other Democrat colleagues joined in on a demonstration by anti-Second Amendment activists in the Tennessee Capitol building, leading them into the House chamber and disrupting the session. He even took out a bullhorn and helped lead the radical activists in chants.

Speaking with the Daily Wire in the aftermath of the incident, Republican House Leader William Lamberth (R-Portland) said: “It’s never been that three state representatives attempted to incite a riot in the middle of the House floor. It’s dangerous, it’s inappropriate, and it silences the other 96 members.”

The Tennessee legislature held a vote shortly after the incident to expel the three members who had violated House rules to participate in the storming of the Capitol — Jones, Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville), and Rep. Justin Pearson (D-Memphis).

Johnson, who did not go as far in aiding the rioters as Jones and Pearson, ultimately survived the expulsion attempt by just one vote. Of course, rather than accepting that the out-of-line actions of Jones and Pearson were the reason behind their expulsions, the lawmakers and their allies on the left claimed that the Tennessee lawmakers who ousted them were “racist” — as Jones and Pearson are Black, while Johnson is White.

Now, Politico is reporting that the Nashville Metro Council has “unanimously voted” to restore Jones to his seat — while Pearson is expected to be reinstated by the council on Wednesday.

In their report, the left-wing outlet echoed the blatantly false narrative about supposed racism being to blame for the Democrats’ ouster.

“Jones, 27, was kicked out of the state Legislature last week by a Republican supermajority for participating in a gun reform protest on the House floor, a violation of decorum rules,” Politico wrote. “The GOP also removed Rep. Justin Pearson, another millennial Black Democrat, for the same violations. Yet Republicans didn’t summon enough votes to remove a third member, Rep. Gloria Johnson, a white lawmaker who also called for changes to gun laws by briefly taking over the legislative chamber.”

Democrats have already begun using the expulsions to fundraise while they ignore the story that led up to the lawmakers’ removal. The storming of the Tennessee Capitol building was prompted by a mass shooting in Nashville that led to six deaths — where a deranged “transgender” individual shot and killed three children and three adults. Leftists organized the demonstration to demand more restrictions on Americans’ Second Amendment rights in response to the tragedy.

In the aftermath of the shooting, many began referring to the deceased as “the Nashville six.” After the Democrat lawmakers were expelled, the left took this phrase and changed it to “the Nashville three,” referring to the three Democrats at the center of the controversy. As the mass shooter was “transgender,” the left has generally avoided discussing the motivations behind the shooting and have instead tried to focus on anything else in the news — and thus, the focus has turned to the “Nashville three.”