Only 800 NYC Migrants Have Registered For Work Authorizations

In May, Mayor Adams (D-NY) called for expedited work authorizations for migrants in NYC. A recent report shows that only 800 of the tens of thousands of migrants in NYC have registered for expedited work authorizations.

Adams has been working on a fast track for migrants to become authorized for work in NYC. Adams faced opposition to his plan of adding migrants to the legal workforce in the city due to the large number of citizens without current employment.

The number of migrants in NYC is currently around 60,000. This means only a small percentage are taking advantage of the work authorizations while the rest are taking in free room, board, and funding.

The increased crime rate, funding, and lack of resources caused by the increased migrant population is fueling the opposition to Adams’ work programs. The opposition came to a head this past week at a rally held by democrats in NYC to promote the program and the need for future funding.

Concerned citizens attending the rally are calling for proper management and some closing borders to future migrants that may end up in the city.

The mismanagement of the migrant situation and need for future funding has fallen at the feet of Adams in recent weeks. The Biden administration has been one of the more critical groups saying Adams’ lack of planning is a large part of the issue facing NYC.

Some democrats have voiced their view that there are too many people involved in the migrant issue and this is where the mismanagement is occuring. Adams responded to the mismanagement of the work authorization program, housing, and funding accusations in a recent statement.

Adams’ reasoning came down to one simple statement. “So a crisis that is created nationally we’re looking at a local city to solve it?”

Judging by the statements from the Biden administration regarding Adams and the NYC migrant crisis, the answer to that question is yes. It appears that any city calling itself a sanctuary city will be left holding the bag for any migrants they take in. This issue and lack of concern from the Biden administration may lead to more than just the downfall of NYC’s economy.