One Joe Biden Mystery Solved

Just when you thought it could not get worse with Joe Biden, it invariably does. His presidency is the gift that keeps on giving — and not in a good way. The recent revelation comes as no surprise.

At the beginning of his presidency, some eagle-eyed observers noticed that the weather and plants outside the windows of the oval office did not match the alleged dates when Biden was giving remarks. After some time the White House communications team was forced to admit that they had created a sound stage with a fake oval office that Joe Biden often uses.

They never really gave an answer that anyone believed. The result of this was that conspiracy theories were rampant.

Well, the conspiracy theorists will have to find something else to worry about. The real reason has come out, and it is as mundane as it is sad.

Apparently, it is impossible for Joe Biden to make a public appearance without the assistance of a teleprompter. Judging by his public speaking gaffes, he cannot make appearances even with one.

There are too many instances of the White House having to walk back President Biden’s changes in U.S. foreign policy. He must be constantly managed by his wife and the Secret Service. The fact that he is unable to think on his feet has ceased to become a punchline, and has now moved into a national security issue.