Once Again Vice President Kamala Harris Has An ‘Empty Suit’ Moment, While Americans Are In Distress

The modern era’s most inexperienced, the vacuous vice president, has struck again. She recently spoke in circles about the purported deterrent impact of the administration’s sanctions on Russia after being dispatched to the Munich Security Conference instead of Joe Biden. Meanwhile, she acknowledged that Vladimir Putin had already planned to attack Ukraine.

Moreover, according to the reports, Kamala Harris delivered a masterful presentation at an event about “accelerating cleaner transportation.” It’s been a recurring theme of her presidency, with the president appearing to be entirely incapable of preparing for and reading the audience when she speaks publicly. On Monday, she threw rainbows and fairy dust at electric buses, claiming that they would connect “all” communities to public transit.

Kamala Harris wants people to “imagine” a future with subsidized electric buses that create “zero emissions” to combat “climate change.” People struggle to “imagine” a more tone-deaf and elitist notion in the present atmosphere. Is there anyone who believes that most Americans are concerned right now about the government spending more of their tax dollars on public transit boondoggles for a chosen few? One look at WMATA in Washington, DC and the MTA in New York City will show them how wise those investments are.

Furthermore, the remainder of her speeches have been overblown, out of context and idealistic in a way that a high-school kid would deliver. These performances, far from being relatable, make Harris look even more artificial than usual.

Kamala Harris of the United States is an empty suit. Her foreign policy blunders have reached parodic proportions, with Russia invading Europe the day after she attempted a victory lap on the prospect of sanctions. It’s as if “Saturday Night Live” (when it was genuinely hilarious) were writing her vice presidency.