Omicron Is A Hoax Perpetrated By Idiots

Like the original gangster coronavirus of January 2020, the lately loudly excited Omicron variant is a hoax perpetrated by idiots.

Like the Wuhan outbreak, Botswana and South African health officials report that the Omicron variant usually causes only mild symptoms or no symptoms.

Barry Schoub, Chair of South Africa’s Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 Vaccines, told Sky News (hat tip: PJ Media) that the Omicron variant might even be less infectious than earlier strains of coronavirus:

“But because it has all these mutations, does it destabilize the virus? It might make it less fit than Delta.”

At the PJ Media link above is a quote from NBC’s Chuck Todd. At the same time, recently guest-hosting Meet The Press, the news anchor prods Joe Biden to take the opportunity of the latest slew of scare headlines from mainstream news outlets to push harder for vaccine mandates over the resistance of the governors who are trying to keep their states free.

Conservative, libertarian, independent, and other freedom-loving patriotic friends: Take the Omicron news cycle as a perfect, brief, easy-to-follow example that illustrates how journalists orchestrated the entire coronavirus hoax.

The Reuters report on November 28, by Elizabeth Piper and Toby Sterling, is a telling example. The headline reads, “Omicron variant detected in more countries as scientists race to find answers.” The article starts with, “The Omicron coronavirus variant spread around the world on Sunday.”

Then the second paragraph reports: “The World Health Organization (WHO) said it was not yet clear whether Omicron, first detected in Southern Africa, is more transmissible than other variants, or if it causes more severe disease.”

The rest of the article details how world authorities are panicking over this, peppered with ominous speculations of some vague, unnamed terrible possibility ahead, like, “This could just be the tip of the iceberg.”

That isn’t science, and it’s not even knowledge. It’s pure scaremongering over absolutely nothing. The only new information about the latest coronavirus mutation is the terrifying Greek letter name they have given it.