Omicron Does Not Threaten Red America

Writing for the New York Times, David Leonhardt implores Fox News hosts, right-wing talk radio, and Donald Trump to get the message out that omicron is putting “their audience in grave danger.”

Has very Gandhi’s letter to Hitler vibes. What an adorably extra passive-aggressive futile message to these guys. Obvi they’re not going to do that.

So what does Mr. Leonhardt think he’s doing here?

Omicron doesn’t threaten red America anyway. That’s not true. That’s just doomsday lyrics. We’ve all heard those before.

People can look up the mortality rates for their age and health category on the government health authority’s websites and see it’s not like how they’ve been making it out to be.

The piece does have this interesting factoid:

“​​In the U.S., partisanship is the biggest factor determining vaccination rates. If Democratic voters made up their own country, it would be one of the world’s most vaccinated, with more than 91% of adults having received at least one shot. Only about 60% of Republican adults have done so.”

That is so wild. We’re even lining up along partisan lines for major health decisions. Many of us thought, how could it get stupider than going down to the chicken sandwich, athletic shoe, and other absurd levels of invasiveness? Some of us thought, isn’t it curiously suspicious that all the tens of millions of people in the Republican and Democratic Parties suddenly have the same opinion about a local event that becomes a national news headline, over and over again. How does that happen? And now we’re doing our health decisions this way, as Republicans or Democrats.

That is pretty scary that all the Dems pretty much did it, though. They could get 91% of their people to agree to get a vaccination that was rushed to market by the pharma industry, which alters how their body works at the cellular level. Republicans got to come up with something about that invasive thing that they’re all willing to do and tell the Democrats they have to.

Maybe, get the microchip to see if you’re a citizen or not, to fight terrorism and crime, and it will have all these other benefits. Don’t worry, and you’ll love it. You’ll be willing to pay for it. You’d be crazy not to get it. It’s mandatory. What are you, some criminal?

All joking aside, that is a pretty perfect snapshot of the amount of give and take between Democrats and Republicans, which is why its government gets more and more progressive in the worst, parochial sense of the term as time goes on. You get 91% of Dems pulling one way and only about 60% of Republicans pulling against them the other way. The Republicans could use more fighting spirit.