Oil Industry Leaders Are Pushing Back on Biden’s Attacks

Joe Biden’s antagonism towards the oil industry in America has been nothing short of a nightmare. The president continues to wrongly accuse these companies of price gouging. He’s also put through policies that make oil production harder and more expensive.

Americans, meanwhile, are suffering from higher gas prices and higher energy costs in general. This was not the case before Biden got into office and began scrapping policies that were in keeping with US energy independence.

In a recent letter to officials within the fossil fuel industry, the president even made some veiled threats. Now, fossil fuel and oil industry leaders are fighting back.

Fighting Back Against a Rogue President
According to Biden, the revenue being brought in by refineries is “well above normal.” To this end, the president also claimed oil and fossil fuel companies are prioritizing profits over productivity.

Biden argues this isn’t acceptable and the federal government is prepared to act accordingly.

However, what he’s saying simply doesn’t add up. Biden and his officials are the driving forces behind policies that make production harder and more expensive. Riley Moore, the Treasurer of West Virginia, is now pointing that out.

Moore explained how the White House’s consistent attacks on fossil fuels have led to price increases, which in turn get transferred over to the everyday American.

In a press release, the West Virginia Treasurer also explained Biden’s choices to stop oil/natural gas supplies and coal were consistently warned against. Yet, the president and his climate change activist allies persisted anyway.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is also pushing back against hypocritical veiled threats from the president. API slammed Biden’s “misguided” policies that made it harder for energy companies to meet the needs of Americans.

Inflation, too, is a factor in the cited “headwinds” that fossil fuel companies are facing.

Joining Moore and API in pushing back against the president was also Power The Future, an organization backing fossil fuel industry workers’ rights. In a letter back to Biden, Power The Future admonished him for refusing to work with US energy companies.

The organization explained that Biden should show American energy providers the same amount of “goodwill” that he shows to Saudi Arabia as he prepares to beg the hostile nation for oil.

Backup From Republicans
GOP members nationwide have backed up oil companies and fossil fuel industry leaders as they push back against attacks from the president.

Many Republicans, to date, admonished the president for overlooking American oil producers in favor of nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia. If Biden was truly serious about lowering energy costs in the United States, he would be working with suppliers here at home.