Obama’s Utterly Tone-Deaf Response to Texas School Shooting

Former President Barack Obama connected the Uvalde mass shooting with the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death on Wednesday. The startling response went on to promote an advocacy group he personally founded.

An 18-year old gunman barricaded himself into a classroom at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas. Before he was killed by law enforcement officers he murdered 19 schoolchildren and two teachers, an act that shocked the nation.

May 25th marked two years since Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis policeman, who has since been convicted. But despite nearly zero connection with the Texas tragedy, the former president pressed on.

Referencing the murder of kids and teachers, Obama said those grieving should acknowledge “the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer.” He then praised the “new generation of activists” fighting “systematic racism” and supporting police reform.

Then it was time to plug his My Brother’s Keeper Alliance and the foundation’s “Reimagining Policing Pledge.” This was Obama’s creation after the death of Trayvon Martin, a Black teen, at the hands of a neighborhood watch volunteer in 2012.

Commemorating George Floyd’s death on its anniversary is understandable, but choosing that moment to directly connect it to the horrific tragedy in Texas is at best misguided. Evidence is being gathered and funerals planned — hardly the time for grandstanding.

Backlash came across the spectrum to the ill-timed and illogical statements by the former president. Emanuel Rincon, editor of Latino publication El American, declared that the families of the Uvalde victims “do not deserve this disrespect.”

Jason Whitlock, host of the “Fearless” podcast, called it “one of the worst tweets in history.”

Not content to stop there, Obama echoed leftists’ cries for stripping 2nd Amendment rights and disarming law-abiding Americans. He described the U.S. as a nation under the heels of the gun lobby and a political party unwilling to prevent the tragedies.

George Floyd’s death, as unnecessary and preventable as it was, sparked a summer of violence, destruction, and death across the nation under the guise of “social justice.” The innocents who died in the Texas elementary school are about as far removed from Floyd’s death as anyone could be.