Obama To Democrats: ‘Get Over Trump’

Former President Barack Obama had a moment of clarity when he declared that Democrats in 2022 are madly obsessed with his successor, and it’s costing them voters.

Obama noted that his party comrades are campaigning on every little thing former President Donald Trump says or does, and by doing so they are ignoring the most important issues faced by ordinary Americans.

On the Pod Save America podcast, Obama warned his colleagues that their daily obsession with Trump will not drive Democratic voters to the polls in November.

He told the host that “we seem to make a mistake on (this)…his behavior can be so outrageous,” and people imitating him are “getting a lot of attention.” Democrats, he said, exert an incredible amount of energy picking apart “the latest crazy thing he said.”

It was then that Obama cut to the chase and connected with the truth. The latest Democratic whining about Trump or his supporters is not addressing the basic interests of voters.

Those include being able to pay the rent, afford to fill up the gas tank, and other pressing economic issues.

Of course he failed to note that it is his former vice president who has taken the strong economy he inherited and burned through trillions of taxpayer dollars. While doing so, President Joe Biden ignited inflationary fires that continue to cause suffering for the public.

He also ignored that Democrats seem to have no agenda except the Jan. 6 Committee and their never-ending attempts to hang something — anything — on Trump that will stick. State officials from New York to Georgia are unconcerned with their states and obsessed with tearing Trump down.

And the former president rather ironically laid credit at Biden’s feet where blame would be far more appropriate. He opined that “the Biden administration has accomplished a lot” that Democratic candidates can run on.

As opposed, which is far more truthful, to run away from.

Still, he was right on the mark with one observation. The Democrats of 2022 are maniacally distracted from what is important and singularly focused on Trump. They fell into the trap of their own making and lost sight of what matters in the daily lives of average Americans.