NYT’s DOJ Reporter Tweets Trump-Supporters Are’ Enemies Of The State’ Then Deletes Tweet

Following the impeachment of the White House on January 6 by Trump supporters who illegally attempted to enter the White House and prevent Congress from passing on the electoral slates to President Biden and halt all proceedings inside the capitol, resulting in the deaths of five people, including a police officer, a committee was formed to investigate the impeachment, and Nancy Pelosi appointed the members. On July 27, a Democratic-led committee held its first hearing, which included testimony from three police officers who were victims of the disturbance.

The proceedings of the hearing did not reveal who started the disturbance. Nonetheless, the New York Times reported that Katie Benner had a lot to say about the Republican Party in a recent tweet that she later deleted. The tweet implies that, regardless of the outcome of the investigation, every state entity that disagrees with or opposes the ruling party is a state rebel and a threat to the state. She remarked that the ruling party should not exploit its power to remove the opposition. However, if another politician and his party threaten the state by acting outside of their jurisdiction, the state will take stern action. In her words, she blames Trump and his supporters and Republicans for starting the riots, although the investigation committee has yet to prove it.

Later on, Katie Benner deleted her tweets to state her radical opinions and delegitimize the vote of Trump supporters. Considering that she is only a news reporter for New York Times and not an editorial opinion writer, stating such opinions publicly shows what kind of a person she is, delegitimizing half of the electorate due to her obvious bias towards the DOJ. I guess it’s not so surprising as she previously used to write for a publication of the Chinese Communist Party and is used to portraying what she is fed.